Boating on the Riviera!


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30 Apr 2005
I have stunning Cranchi Endurance '39 based in Golfe Juan S.o.F which I am unable to use this season due to a recent skiing accident. I am therfor looking at making it available for charter from May - September. Does anyone know a reputable charter outfit or perhaps someone who would like to charter prior to buying in the Med. I'd be grateful for any advice/help


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30 Apr 2005
Sorry to hear about your accident.

I am staying in the South of France from 23rd-29th June, and was ideally looking to take a boat out for 4 days...unable to find anyone who can accommodate my request...Would you be able to?....If so, what would you charge?


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16 May 2001
Sorry to hear you cant use the boat.

This is tricky, becuase it is a bit small for crewed charter (except day chartering?) but you probly do not want it to go out bareboat. Also most charter agents mostly just supply customers. They expect you to organise cleaning the boat and handover etc. You need a manager cum charter agent

I suggest you contact Learner on this forum by PM, he might be able to help

I assume it is MCA coded? Will need to be

If you need guardiennage I'd strongly recommned Sam of Easyboat Services. He hangs out in Golfe Juan (Camille Rayon), has 20 or so client boats there and lunches everyday on the strip of Cafes by La Dolce Vita so he will keep a good eye on your boat. He is very capable and relaible which is more than can be said of many guardiennage outfits. or maybe (Email both addresses) +33 662 25 63 63. Tell him John/Braveheart gave you his name

Sam looked after our boat in Camille Rayon in 2003 and does cleaning/antifouling/helping on our current boat in Vauban

If you tell me the boat name and berth number (suggest not open forum in case thieves stumble across this) I'll see it from time to time (though we're in port Vauban so only get to GJ now and again) and report back

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Try Eric Dalibard at Winner in La Napoule. They did guardiennage on my boat when we were in LaNap 2 years ago but they're also well established charter agents