Boat Survey, Insurance & French Canals



Hello All

Over the last 12 months this forum has helped me with a large amount of boat related problems since i purchased my 1973 Dufour 27 that was in a sorry state.

I got the boat into the water and it is an absolute dream, everything works and i have decided to take the boat from Southsea to Marmaris where i have found the best Marina in the world....

So my next problem is how to get the boat there.

I am taking the passage through the french canals and hugging the coast to get there. But i need Insurance.

I have insured the boat through craft sure but i am now looking for something a little more comprehensive.
Please can anyone help. I do not want to have a survey as costs are around £200 and i cannot afford this.

I understand this is not a cheap hobby but if anyone would be able to help with this problem of mine i would be very greatful.

Ideally looking for a happy guy to help me survey my boat or someone to tell me of an insurnce that does not require a survey..


Jorda boon


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10 Nov 2007
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Highly unlikely you will get cover for the boat without a survey - that is an independent report on the condition of what is an old low value boat - particularly for the trip you are undertaking. Look at it from the insurers' point of view - why would he take the risk?

You only need third party insurance and you will need it extended to cover your trip plus copies of the certificate in the languages of the countries you are visiting - the company will provide these. Don't forget all your other paperwork - registration, ICC etc.


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5 Jul 2005
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