Boat share/use deal wanted in SofF, 20-30foot, St Tropez area


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16 May 2001
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This is a bit of a long shot request but you never know.

A longstanding friend of mine, with whom I shared two Fairlines some years ago, now has a house in Grimaud in South of France (though his main home is UK). He would be interested in some kind of boat share deal, and my question is, is there anyone out there wou would be interested in this? If yes, please shout and give me contact info by PM to pass on to him

Terms could be negotiated, but it might range from him contributing financially and doing guardienage (he lives nearby for several months each year) in return for some use of the boat, to a proper share/co-ownership arrangement

He is most interested in a 20-30foot dayboat espcially Windys. It would need to be berthed in Bay of St Tropez, ie Port Grimaud or Cogolin if possible, but maybe nearby could be considered (Frejus?)

The gentleman concerned is in his 50s, is a long-time boater 20 years+ with RYA tickets and is very competent with boats. He would be very respectful of someone else's or a co-owned boat. I shared a phantom 42 with him then a Sq58 from 1999 to about 2007, and I can promise you he is totally reasonable and honest and is just about the most perfect idea of a boat sharer or borrower you could ever find

Anyway, I am merely a middleman and "advertising" the opportunity. If anyone out there as an idea or contact interested in the idea, please get in touch and I'll arrange to swap your contact details. Thanks