Boat restoration


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20 Mar 2005
This summer Discovery Home & Leisure are producing a new television series about boat restoration. The ten part series will follow five renovation projects and capture the imagination of the nation by combining the hunt for a rusty old shell of a boat;- (what is it, how did it get there and just how bad is the condition its in) and the journey of how it is lovingly restored to its former splendour, ready to set sail by the end of each episode.

The producers are looking for possible contributors for the series who already own an old boat they want to restore or people who have aspirations to buy an old boat that needs doing up. The final projects chosen must be completed within 4 months from the start of filming which is due to commence in May 2005. I know that isn’t long, but the restorations we film will be those which can realistically fit into this timescale. For example, a dinghy restoration or small craft, or on a larger vessel we will use a major re-fit or restoration of one aspect of the vessel rather than a complete re-build. The restorations must be based in southern England, regrettably we will not be able to cover the north.

The series will show boats of all sizes and type, from any era, and made from any material which require work of various levels to get them on the water again. The series will be presented by Tom Cunliffe who is one of Britain's most respected writers on sailing and the sea.

Each project will be allotted two 30 minute episodes of film time. Unfortunately, the film company cannot offer any financial aid for the restoration but hope that being filmed for the television series may provide an added incentive to complete the project and give it the publicity it deserves.

If anyone is interested in this opportunity and has a suitable restoration project, then please email me for more details or look at my website


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19 Nov 2003
Damn, missed it by a year!
Worse is that my NEW boat won't be ready as early as my completely gutted one was last year. Rassum Fassum!!!!!
Dontcha just hate yards that take on more work than they can handle?

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14 Oct 2004
Miri, Sarawak, N Borneo
This Summer 'Lady Stardust movies incorporated Ltd' will be making a movie of how to sand down endless amounts of teak deck and apply 7 or more coats of Varnish. If you would like to star in my movie, please send CV, I will also be making a movie on scrubbing down and re applying anti fouling mid summer, I may have parts available for aspiring tv stars then.