boat restoration sponsors required.?


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10 Oct 2001
Poole Dorset
been wondering how to broach this on here... but here goes...

a TV company has expressed an interest in covering the restoration of my Osborne Kingswift. the time scale is short so to forward as a diy project will take time that i don't have. I have bee reliably informed that a certain popular boting magazine would also like to feature the task.... enough yet??

what i'm hoping for is people to come forward with offers of help in terms of materials, equipment and facilities to enable this to be progressed.

i have contacted a surveyor and he has looked the boat over, the work apparently isn't too onerous, but she does look worse.

in terms of visual impact (before and after) she'd be a fine platform for someone to be wearing a cap/overalls/in a workshop with the name displayed prominently.... am i making my point yet??

if you know of anyone who may be interested or just want more details, please don't hesitate in contacting me. unfortunately time is somewhat against us so a quick decision is needed to facilitate this project.

i hope there's someone out there who is able to help, or point me towards someone who might.

thanks for taking the time to read this.

regards, steve.