BJB 43.409 Switches used in FAWO Light Fittings

20 Jun 2007
Live in Kent, boat in Canary Islands
The FAWO Light Fitting 06135T41197 used in many Bavarias has small switches inside like this (marked 43.409):

More details on the BJB web site

The hinges on the top can easily snap off, and I've just been quoted £2.50 each plus £15 delivery. However, if I buy in large quantities I can get the price down to about £1 each, I can then send to others with P&P at cost.

I have started a Group Buy for these on my Bavaria Forum, see here

Note to mods: this is not advertising. The policy for this Group Buy forum is "This new forum is a dedicated area for members to offer items that they can buy more cheaply when buying in bulk quantities, and to offer these items to other members at a proportion of the cost. While reasonable expenses are expected (such as import duty, VAT, postage, collection costs) this is not the place to sell your items at a profit. ."
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