Birthday Cruise Booked, sod the costs!


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30 May 2001
high and dry on north island
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Well to celebrate SWMBO's birthday and mine this month I have just blown the pension on a cruise to celebrate! Our thanks to the Daily Echo for the special deal, SWMBO is really getting spoiled this year!

We are booked on the overnight ferry to Cherbourg next Thursday and back on Friday, with a whole day ashore in la belle France to buy our wines. Really pushed the boat out here and pre-ordered 3 cases of Normandy Wines best Bin 29 at £2 per bottle so I should be on a promise for sure!

Sad isn't it when the boat is sold and you really look forward to one more lovely night crossing....... but this time on a ferry.:)

I think I'll ask the Captain if I can help out on the bridge with some advice on the COLREGS, in case he hasn't yet seen the DAKA Amendments!:)