Beaulieu jumble/MC 30/ shape of things to come???



On leaving the jumble, I looked at a motorboat---MC 30.

Catamaran hulled, outboard powered( 2x 50/100hp), 28 knots max, fraction of the fuel consumption of monohulls, and, this is the good bit, LOW WASH.

Got to be the way to go.


26 Oct 2003
I import the Motorcat 30. I dont know who you are in case people think otherwise. The link has an interesting video (bit slow loading though but worth the wait) showing a wash test which is convincing viewing for this hull shape particularly for river users. One delighted river Thames customer says he gets everywhere twice as fast as he does not have to keep slowing down for the rowers.


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4 May 2005
I think I am probably the owner on the Thames that Victor is refering to.
Before I proceed, I DO know Victor as he sold me my Motorcat 30!
I spent the bank holiday on my boat, up and down the Thames, amongst the rowers and canoeists.For the first time ever, I received no abuse, just curious looks and admiring glances.The lack of wash emmited by the Motorcat is one major advantage on the Thames, and fuel economy is another.I hadn't really taken this aspect of low wash into consideration when buying the boat, but I must say in hindsight it is a tremendous asset.As a hopefully responsible boatman on the Thames, I am cautious and considerate of the rowers and canoeists, and in the past I must add a little fearful when "amongst them".By and large they are also considerate and thoughtful, but navigation through tacking sailors and rowers(some of little experience) can be stressful.
The Motorcat is extremely quiet and very receptive to the wheel, and with little or no wash at under 4 knots makes for stress free boating.
I am not too sure how many Motorcats are on The Thames, but they seem almost designed for the area.I can beach the boat and use the step ladder at the bow to get to land, have something like a 14" draught, and also use the 24 knot capabillity after Wandsworth to head for the estuary.
I do not know if it was through simple fear or lack of experience with my old traditional hulled boat, but I never experienced a stress free boating day prior to the Motorcat.
I remember Victor outlining these attributes when we went for a trial and being slightly sceptical, but having owned my boat for six months now, I am sold on the twin hulls.
Am I the only Motorcat on the Thames, I would love to know?
I would also love to know why?