Battery charger - advice please.


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19 Feb 2002
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Out 2001 Gibsea 33 is fitted with a Tecsup Integrated Power System - every indication is that it is the OE. This not only charges the battery but provides the 240v power to the boat, suppling the sockets, hot water etc.
Recently, the units cooling fan has started to fire up every 20/30 minutes - it is relatively noisy for anyone sleeping in the aft cabin, next to the lazarette where the unit is mounted. I have opened up the housing box to ensure plenty of air is circulating, but it made no difference. I took to switching the fridge off overnight, and initially this worked. Now however, even with ALL the 12v circuits switched off, it still fires up the cooling fan a couple of times an hour. Any ideas why this might be? The batteries are around 5/6 years old, and good quality (Varta), but I'm wondering if one or more will not hold it's charge.
Any input would be welcome before I call an expert in at £60 an hour!