Battening down the hatches!


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30 Nov 2002
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Just read MBY's article on Stavanger and we are battening down the hatches and bracing ourselves for an invasion!
Seriously it was a well written and accurate portrayal of my boating area for the last 20 yrs. Most of the places mentioned are only 10-15 min from where I keep my boat in the town harbour, in fact if the last picture showing the harbour with the 3 supply ships had 1/4" more on the left hand margin my boat would be in the picture.
One of our favourites is Kvitsøy (30mins) as there is always a sheltered place to moor Norwegian style with anchor out aft and bows in to land as there is no tide to speak of and the only waves are from passing boats, so we put the picnic and grill ashore then standing on land with about 10ft of line on the bow I use the remote control on the stern anchor winch to pull the boat out from land and she sits there until we are ready to leave. You can lie on the main quay or sneak down one of the channels and hide away behind a skerry and have total silence apart from the sheep on the islands and seabirds, I love to sit on deck with a coffe and cognac until well after midnight with a book, and in the morning wake up to water like glass and enjoy an English breakfast after a quick dip.
We take bikes with us as its wonderful to cycle around the larger of the 365 islands and skerries which are joined by bridges, its like going back 50 yrs as there are very few cars on Kvitsøy.
As was mentioned the summer days are very long and its a fantastic twilight instead of total darkness, and the sea goes like a dusky pink mirror after 11pm and I love driving at 'night' as navigation is easy, aided by the marker lights which look Christmas trees, also all the light houses have sector lighting making it easy to triangulate your position if you are unsure.
I have met up with several Brits via the forum and had some excellent meals afloat by arranging to meet on the water at a certain lat/long location.
So if anyone makes it over you will be made very welcome.


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24 Dec 2006
Winter: Algarve Summer: Wherever the boat is.
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We got close in 2013 - Kristiansand - and even closer in 2000 - Skudneshavn. We are planning to head for Scandinavia next year and the article and your reminiscences make it very tempting to head for the west coast again. The area around your home port looks stunning.