BarryD is "Feet Wet"


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10 Sep 2001
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BarryD is \"Feet Wet\"

Hi - Well I've joined the frat. Signed the last bits of paper thrown away all my money and now I own a boat. Took her out on Saturday for a quick play and had a whale of a time - brought most of it home in bin bags to allow SWMBO to clean it etc.. so she feels part of the experience. She's a tad annoyed at missing the handover - so it won't be long before she comes out.

I bought the owner a drink and a saussie sandwich in the pub and off he went. It then took me the best part of an hour to re-rig the canopy! In the pub I met Dave S. and his wife (arhhhg memory of sieve - it was the red wine) Looking forward to my big trip round the Cape of Kent next weekend - weather and Dave permitting!

Thanks to all who have given me advice - I havn't really ignored it (honest).

AND after much deliberation on the name of the Rinker - I shall leave it as "Firefly", as tempting as "Miami Vice II" would have been - even if she'd been unanmed then it would have had to be "Hyperion".

Smooth sailing to you all.

Barry D.


Re: Hurrah!

excellent stuff. Hope it all goes well for next w/e, I will have alook at the forecast as a front needs to get through, but at least it is NW so may not stir up the channel too much. Congrats etc.


Re: BarryD is \"Feet Wet\"

Well done Barry and I see you only put in 200 litres @£1.11 litre :)-<), so a cheap afternoon out for you. Suggest you filll up before leaving Bradwell, then again at Ramsgate and then top up on arrival at Chichester. ;-)

So no SWMBO there for the big day eh? Hope you enjoyed just playing with yourself

Still think MV2 has got to be the name. But feel free to agree with me if you wish, after all it's your boat.

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Re: next weekend

unfortunately, the fcast is bit iffy. On Thursday am its 6-7 gusting 8 around Dover. This means that the boat will be fine on the coast - provided that it's tied on firmly and you are in you are in the pub.

BUT then it drops later on Thurs to 4 or 5. Friday it says is 4ish - a westerly, so ok to get to Dover. But Saturday mebbe the same, means on the nose down channel. Says seas around dover slight to moderate over Friday. Typical touch and go weather. You'll be ok to Dover if that fcast is right. Spect a four on the nose a bit sploshy, but cd go down to a 3 from the synoptic lies er chart.