Aries wind-vane yacht self-steering system on eBay


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13 May 2009
Argyll, Scotland
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I've a spare Aries wind-vane self-steering system. It's now on eBay (Uk only) from 2011 Sunday 3rd April for 7 days. If interested, search for
Aries wind-vane yacht self-steering system

or go straight to the auction at URL

The gear in this auction had been knocked with a previous owner, and one of the castings is broken - part no 1 the toothed vane carriage aluminium alloy casting (repair by epoxy, welding or bolt on strap).

It needs rebuilding - instructions, diagrams, parts lists and most spare parts will be provided, and they are also available from

I dismantled most of its seized and moving parts, including the most difficult shaft. Then I bought new bearings etc, meaning to renovate it, and use it instead of the older Aries on our boat. But it seems unlikely that I'll need it, or any of its parts. So I've decided to try selling it as it is - for someone else to rebuild and get good use from it.

The gear on offer does not include a few minor items, but they can be bought, found or made readily:
• blocks for taking the steering lines to the tiller
• attachment for steering lines to tiller, eg a short length of chain, and simple hook/clamp on tiller
• a 6mm plywood windvane - size and shape is not important, but a template is provided for the standard size
• new nylon bushes, blocks, spacers etc are included, apart from a few of lesser importance which you may want to replace
• maybe not every small screw, washer, nut & bolt, but certainly most of them.

• part 63 - the stainless steel servo rudder spindle has a very slight bend that isn't important.
• part 30 - vane pivot shaft - is a bit bent (it's just an easily obtained stainless steel rod)
• part 25 - the vane holder casting - needs opening a bit wider to slot in a 6mm plywood vane

I noticed that someone else sold an Aries on eBay today.
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