Anyone using Gymsim in Turkey ?


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2 Feb 2005
Eastern Med
I just checked my Gymsim account top-ups having recently returned from 6 weeks cruising in Turkey/Cyprus and Israel.
I was surprised to see a total spent of €175 on "auto top-ups" which equates to around 17 hours of calls.
Even my wife cant spend that long on the phone so I think something is amiss.
BTW - Data IS turned off before anyone thinks of that :)

On the face of it €0.17/minute (Gymsim) to phone a UK mobile from Turkey is a good deal compared to the EE roaming charge of over £1.00 per minute but somethings not quite right.

I've sent a query email to Gymsim but in the meantime ...

Anyone else using Gymsim in Turkey ?
Are your charges reasonable ?
Have you ever managed to get the call summary function working on the Gymsim website ?