Any Info on Catch 22?


New member
27 Apr 2005
Essex, UK
I'm looking for a nice cruiser/racer of about 22ft for singlehanded cruising and some serious club racing in the Thames estuary.
As I have a drying mooring, I need shoal draught and my preference is for fairly deep and well ballasted twin keels as that's what I have at present; this arrangement can sail well and is ideal for my waters.

I remember seeing a Catch 22 at a boat show and being impressed. Looks like a pretty fast boat to me, but reasonably solid and stable; more of a cruiser than say a Sonata, and hence better for singlehanded cruising I guess?

I'm familiar with Hunter Sonata, Duette and 23/232 but I don't think any of these are right for me. The Sonata (CB version) seems too light (though a really great boat, I know); the Duette etc have not impressed me in local racing as they don't seem all that great to windward ....

Anyway, I'd be grateful for any info I can get on the Catch 22, any version, to give me more idea if she really would suit me.
I know a twin isn't going to sail quite as well as fin version, but with 3ft 7ins draught and a decent amount of ballast I'd expect the twin keel version to perform well and not lose out that much.