Another Boat Breathalysed...



An elderly mad woman called Marian owned a small yacht in a South Coast marina for the slightly insane. Mad Marian liked to zoom around the harbour, occasionally bumping into other boats. Nobody minded because she was usually very pleasant and it was only a bit of chipped gelcoat.

One day, Mad Marian was careering down between the pontoons when Weird NigeCh suddenly jumped out from behind a large cruiser.

"Where is your ICC"? He demanded. Mad Marian fished about in a locker then waved an old KitKat wrapper at Weird NigeCh, who seemed satisfied.

At the next pontoon out leapt Strange John Hyatt.

"I want to see evidence of insurance" he cried. Mad Marian muttered something then waved an old beer mat at him.

"Off you go then" he replied.

Mad Marian carried on in her small yacht, bumping off of a couple of other boats.

Just as she was returning to her berth, a naked Twisted von Thadden appeared holding an enormous erection in both hands.

" Oh no"! Wailed Mad Marian. " Not the Breathalyser again"!!

Ha Ha

Dave S


I used to be a regular reader of this forum, but if it has sunk to the levels of "wise fisherman" it is no longer worth reading.

Kim Hollamby please note.