Another Boat About To Put Itself In Danger


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11 Oct 2004
Morning all,

We learned yesterday of another boat who is planning to go straight across the Indian Ocean shortly, thus maximising it's chances of piracy attack.

What can you do? Perhaps he is not aware of the recent activity due to being at sea and away from the news, but you'd have thought he'd have done his homework after arriving here. If I go over and voice my opinion I just become an interfering busy-body. Last time I expressed my disbelief at similar passage plans I got shot down in flames. Two weeks later those boats I'd questioned returned, tails between their legs, realising that their passage plan had indeed been dangerous and ill-planned. We all know what happened shortly after they returned...

From my recent experience I realise that some people's pride gets in the way of sensibility, that the idea of discussing their passage plan with another sailor is loss of face. Perhaps his plans are none of my business but aren't we supposed to be a community that helps each other? I guess you can't help people if they're not going to help themselves.


23 Sep 2010
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I'd suggest you do speak to him; if he tells you to get lost, you can at least console yourself you tried, and it's his problem; however just one more voice may tip the balance and avert a tragedy.


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25 Jan 2004
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Hi Jamie.
Thoughts with you and all in your position. At least glad to learn you're not doing anything daft.

As for the boat hell-bent on becoming pirate fodder: I assume you've seen the two recent threads. One a daunting list of official NATO summaries, the other a horrifying first-hand account from a boat witnessing nearby attacks. Why not print these out and shove 'em down his companionway. If that doesn't work, shove 'em down his throat.

As Seajet says, you've already done what you can. The bloke (why am I assuming it's a bloke?) is a grown-up. His decision, his life.

Actually, I reckon you'd be fairly safe if you headed east. No pirate in his right mind would come near your choice in music :)

Slàinte mhath, slàinte mhòr



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27 Dec 2004
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Jamie, you posted this on the Liveaboard Forum just about a year ago.

I am happy to report that the Vasco Da Gama Rally safely arrived in India last week. After 4,000-odd miles from Turkey we made it to Mumbai.

What we have done is prove to the nay-sayers and arm-chair sailors that it is perfectly possible to sail down the Red Sea, through the Gulf of Aden and across the Arabian Sea without being captured by nasty people. Don't get me wrong, it was tough...very tough... and some people dropped out, but the 14 remaining boats are proof that you shouldn't let scare stories stop you from achieving your cruising dreams.

We leave Mumbai on Monday with the aim of getting to Cochin via Goa within the next couple of weeks. Mumbai, by the way, is the most incredible city. We'll be writing and podcasting about it and the rest of the rally in due course on ftb.

And to the person who simply replied to me in another thread, "Give my regards to the Chandlers", you, sir, are an idiot.

OK, I appreciate that the pirate activity a year ago was nowhere near what it is today, but the pirates were still pretty active then - in another thread at the same time you mention pirate attacks happening near you.

You took a calculated risk last year despite what the nay-sayers and doom mongers were saying then and you were lucky; perhaps the folk you mention in your post above have a similar outlook.

Please dont think that I agree with anybody thinking of sailing across the Indian Ocean now - I hope that the folk you mention in the post above will 'see the light' and change their minds.