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11 Jun 2001
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Who knows about anodes? Those funny little grey things that disappear every year.
I know that my boat has six of them. One on the props (duos), one on the outdrive plate and one on the trim tab - each side = 6. Having bought the boat from Windemere and used her on the Thames last year from Reading I have magnesium anodes fitted for fresh water. Next year I'm moving down to a marina at Windsor to be nearer the sea and intend to spend a few weeks, on and off, along the South Coast. Question. Will my fairly new magnesium anodes be OK for this intended year, or should I fit zincs before the boat goes back on the water? Any thoughts will be gratefully received.


Mate of mine moved from river Trent to south coast, about 9 months after I reminded him about the anodes, so in a panic he bought 2 zinc ones, wired them to the system and dangled them over the side.
When it came to spring lift out he was very surprised to find the mag ones still there so no worries IMHO for a short stay in salt water, the only thing to consider that his is a shaft drive boat and has not got all that exspensive alloy hanging in the water.

Paul js.


Have a chat to A H Latham marine based in Canterbury Kent , they are very good on price .Also M G DUFF you will get the right advice from them but the prices they charge are very high

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