Am I loosing it.


21 Aug 2001
South East England
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I think the man with the white van is coming for me with a new jacket.

Every Friday I leave work and turn in the opposite direction to home. I turn down the prospect of a warm front room with Sky TV and all the trimmings and instead elect to go to the boat. I park in the carpark and struggle down the pontoon fully laden (as all pack horses should be). Wressel with an unrelenting canopy to gain access to the boat where I mix a stiff drink turn up the heating make a cup of tea and bury myself into a comfy chair to wait for the wife, kids and dog who will all find good reanons for me to leave my Valhalla. For me the weekend has arrived. We've lived in our present home for 15 years and I only know 3 people in the street yet after 3 months I know almost everybody on the pontoon. The wife's even making noises about selling the house and moving to the boat.

Is this condition terminal. Am I the only one that suffers this affliction come winter rain summer sun.
Do I need help from Aunt Lucy or Mystic Meg.
If there's a cure please keep it to yourself and let me die a happy man.


Deranged of Brighton


Re: Losing it a bit, and Portland/weymouth

Ooh no this sounds fine. Theree's only three people in our street, and since house prices go up and up everyone stays for less than 3 years. Also, none em have a boat, so praps like you, bit of a conv. stopper...

As for living on the boat, you will need a large boat to live on it. praps it is? But what about the prison/loony bin that they were gonna float just inside Portland Bill, bay sth of weymouth? Did it ever get off the er beach? Praps they have private cells one cd check into for a few days?


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16 May 2001
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Having spent the better part of Sunday practising my anchoring techniques between the Brighton piers followed by all manner of practise berthing techniques, I can only conclude that owning a boat does something to the brains common-sense centre.

I've never seen so many monkeys with brazing equipment before....I definitely need to get the heating upgraded!


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7 Sep 2001
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You sound completely lucid to me! Go ahead live on board! There are not many wives who would suggest such a thing, can I borrow her?