Advice on first boat/Trailer sail/Foxcub


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6 May 2011
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Hi there.
I'm new to the forum, my names Hanno usually based in Edinburgh but hoping on spending the summer 'messing around in boats', which is where the request for advice and ideas comes in.
Been looking at the cheaper end of the market for a trailer sailer as I can store it myself for free rather then pay marina fees which is really not a long term option for me. One problem I'm only endorsed for trailers up 750 KGs, so far in a lot of searching the only option that seems to come in under this weight is the Foxcub 18 at 550 KGs, have read a few discussions on the Foxcub which seem to suggest its an alright little boat for its size, and a good option for a first boat. I would welcome both comments on the Foxcub 18 (bilge), and also any suggestion for other options under the 750 kg mark. Really looking for something suitable for little weekend trips, to build up my experience. Finally with no experience of launching wee boats anybody got any advice on the type of trailer, winch etc and is it even possible with a primera/vectra sized car or is a 4x4 really needed.
Any help or advice very much appreciated.