4 packs of 500g Resin & 500ml Hardener (4 Litres) Copper Coat Anti-fouling


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7 Jul 2014
Copper Coat Anti-Fouling 4 packs of each 500g copper resin and 500ml hardener, plus 4 sticks of what looks like putty?

According to Copper Coat, you will need

To determine the quantity of Coppercoat required, calculate the hull area by simply multiplying the waterline length by the addition of the beam and the draft. Then, depending on the vessel, apply a factor:

For full bodied craft such as motorboats or displacement and full keeled yachts, no factor is applied
For medium bodied craft, such as large fin and skeg or blige keeled yachts, multiply by a factor of 0.75.
For light bodied craft, such as fin keeled yachts, multiply by a factor of 0.60.
If the calculation is in feet, multiply the figure by 0.093 to convert to square meters. Given that Coppercoat has an effective coverage rate of 4 square meters per litre; divide this figure by 4 to determine how many litres are required.


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