16" Maxprop propellers for saildrive, feathering, adjustable pitch. Pair (or buy one)


31 Jan 2008
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16" Maxprop propellers for saildrive, feathering, adjustable pitch. Pair (or buy one)

I have two Maxprops for sale, I would prefer to sell them together as a matched pair but will sell them separately if that's what the buyers demand!

350 pounds each. 300 each if you buy both. Plus postage cost, or preferably collect from Poole, Dorset for free.

I also have various spare anodes (some new and some part-used), spare bolts, split pins, spare grease nipples, a brand new grease gun and a used one, original instructions (dirty), digital instructions I can email to you and other bits and pieces which can be included for an extra cost by negotiation.

The maxprops are in serviceable condition but with the expected level of wear for 20 year old propellers. The blades have some play in them due to wear. I have been advised by experts that this play can be mostly removed by inserting shims under the blades to give the props a new lease of life, in which case they should last many years if you don't put a huge number of running hours on them. We are heading off around the world and planning to put thousands of hours on our props so decided it's better to replace them and pass them on to someone who will not wear them out completely!

The surface is in good condition, smooth with no chips and no significant scratches. They are strong with no sign of dezincification and were always regularly greased and anodes always replaced before depletion. They have always been well maintained.

These props have incredible performance both ahead and astern. When sailing the blades feather fully for almost zero drag. The pitch can be adjusted to be perfectly optimal for your engine to reach maximum revs. They can be configured for either left or right hand rotation.

They have a splined fitting which is compatible with most saildrives (yanmar, volvo, etc.). The nut is for M16 thread which is correct for all Volvo, most Yanmar and most other saildrives as far as I know. If yours has a more unusual 20mm thread then you'll just need to replace the nut with an M20 one.

One of them is clean and ready to use, the other needs a clean which I will get done soon.
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