12V Boat Rechargeable Torch

NB Willawaw

New member
5 Jan 2010
One frequent problem I've found is when you are visiting a boat thats been shut up for a few weeks and you are trying to get in and switch everything on, usually in the dark.

I've always found that I don't have a torch to hand or the batteries are flat and there is a certain amount of fumbling until your get the battery isolators on and work your way through the length of the boat switching lights and appliances on as you go.

On our boat, we had a rechargeable torch mounted on the bulkhead just as you come down the aft steps. It was similar to the aircraft emergency ones you see by the emergency exits on airliners.
Unfortunately, it has just given up the ghost after 8 years of valiant service.

Looking for a replacement, I was shocked at how expensive they are.
The cheapest I could find was about £60.

It's not rocket science, but I've devised a small torch which sits in a charger on the bulkhead and runs from a boats 12V battery supply.

You just come into the boat, lift the torch off the bulkhead and use it to find all the switches, water cocks and so on, as you move throughout the boat.

When you've finished, you just put it back in the charger and it will be charged, ready for the next time.

It's even got a little red "finder" LED in the lens so that you can see the location if you get up in the dark.

I'm still field testing it.

If it works out, I might get a few in and Ebay them.