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Wivenhoe Sailing Club - Paul Mead ~Talk


Well-known member
16 Dec 2003
Medway, Gillingham Reach
Paul Mead posted the following on the East Coast Forum. But is probably concerned about posting the same message on more than one forum so I thought I would do it for him.

Those of you who know me will hopefully know that I’m about as far away from ‘self-promotion’ as it is possible to be.

Having said that I wanted to avoid the ‘you never told me so’ or worse ‘he never told me so’ which is something I’ve been accused of in the past……..so…..

The Wivenhoe Sailing Club has asked me to do a short talk on the Jester Challenges incorporating my 2014 single-handed trans-Atlantic. During the 1 ½ hours or so I’ll be talking about the history of the challenges, past competitors & challenges as well as my own preparations using a series of photo’s and on-board video taken at the time.

Date is Friday 16th December, start time is 7.30pm. Bar will be open from 7pm onwards. Full address is Wivenhoe Sailing Club, Walter Radcliffe Rd, Wivenhoe, Colchester, Essex, CO7 9WS.

I have no idea where you all live but if anyone is in the vicinity and would like to attend you’d be very welcome.

Kind regards

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