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Where to sail to after Summer?


1 Mar 2019
Still looking to buy a bloody boat - seen Sadler I like. Going to view. But have work commitments until September 15th. After that, pretty free - enough funds to take off for a good 6-8 months. Don't have much experience, but idea would to buy boat, WFH, live on it, get to know it, take it out on weekends etc. What's the sailing like in September and where to go? Crossing Biscay single handed without much experience - maybe the canals? Or across the Atlantic? Hmmm, any ideas?


Well-known member
15 Nov 2010
Depends where you are and how kind the weather is. I got Paean in September and that year sailed her until the start of November. Some on here sail all year round, although I must say that even though I live close to my boat, there seems to be less weekends I fancy it after nov and before the end of March.

if you want to be well south by September, why not buy a boat that’s already down there?


Active member
30 Mar 2011
I'm not sure how you get in rapid stages from 'taking it out on weekends to get to know it' to 'crossing the Atlantic', having said you have little experience?

Your timing is a few months out; if you could wait until say April to September, that opens up a lot of local cruising options or heading south by day sailing.

It's hopefully a statement of the obvious and entirely uncontroversial to say: you should not think of going offshore unless you (or someone on board) really knows what they are doing.