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West Coast Weather


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27 Aug 2002
west coast of Scotland
Reading another post on here giving a general prediction of Scottish west coast weather over the main sailing months brought back a couple of memories of two very contrasting seasons that show just how unforecastable the weather here can be.
The first was my second season of boat ownership which coincided with an 8 week summer break. The weather was unendingly warm and sunny and I went back and forward from Oban to the Hebrides swapping crews getting severely sunburned ears which prompted the purchase of my Tilley hat. Lying on the foredeck sunbathing all the way to St Kilda and back was one highlight of that trip.

On our 6 week summer honeymoon Hebridean cruise we had full sail up once - for 20 minutes before we had to reef again. It rained. A lot. We got a thunderous reefed genoa run surfing from Stornoway to Portree which was the only decent sail the whole trip. It rained like it was getting ready for Noah’s return the rest of the trip. Apart from the day we left Portree under engine in thick fog. Top temperature was barely in double digits..

Why do we do this?


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14 Aug 2009
I can't persuade my missus that we should sail up there! I've never done it, we (and the children) love long hilly walks.

She's convinced it always rains. Please send more nice pictures!