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Wanted Rules: Please Read Before Posting

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Natalie Davies

Please read and follow or your post may be deleted and future access denied without further notice.

1.This facility is available to established and regular contributors to the wider YBW forum who occasionally have need of an item.

2. The forum limit is £400. We hope this forum will act as somewhere you can exchange boating odds and sods, rather than a major trading post.

3. Wanted ads for boats are not permitted (other than tenders), even within the value limit.

4. This is not a place for companies or organisations to advertise, it's for private individuals seeking items only.

5. Please state the maximum you are willing to pay for the desired item (which cannot exceed the forum limit).

Failure to comply with the above may result in your posts being removed and/or your access to this section of the forum being permanently disabled without notice.
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