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Wakes . . . (no not for those that have left the board)



I have a planing power boat.

I find that at about 3knots my wake is quite large. I would have to travel at 1 knot to eliminate making a wake.

At cruising speed in calm water it leaves a wake about 8" high.

I normally give anchored boats a fair range when passing. But I am long gone when the remnents of the wake reaches them. What is a "reasonable" distance in order not to incur the wrath.

Any ideas, suggestions?


Ideally, a planing powerboat makes no appreciable wash except when turning. Unfortunately, many of the so-called planing boats are really semi-planing, which make the worst wash of all, not having the power to get past their wave making speed.

So the answer is -- it all depends.

Most yachties are prepared to put up with a certain amount of wash, after all some modern yachts with big engines can be worse than well-handled power boats. And a lot depends on the size of the yacht. You'd have a time making our 87 footer move with a small boat but some have done it.

The wrost ofenders are Baglietti, and similar Itaklian MYs.

Thankyou kind sir, for being courteous enough to ask.