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Viko S35 anyone?


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28 Dec 2016
Specifically, this one. Demonstration VIKO S 35 2019 | VIKO YACHTS

My slow boat-trawl has bought me thus far. Using today's pretty rubbishy Euro-Pound rate, and adding 20% UK VAT (23% in Poland) that gets one to £75k Clearly, one would look for all the nav gear, heating. Here's some prices in Euros excl VAT.
Bowsprit/ trapik dziobowy 1700
Windlass / Winda kotwiczna 2180
Anchoring kit / Kotwica, łancuch kotwiczny 800
Primer and anti-fouling 1700
HARKEN winches 35 ‘surcharge / Kabestany HARKEN za dopłatą 1700
Cockpit table / Stolik do kokpitu 680
Flexi teak deck / Wykończenie pokładu flexi teakiem 3650

Backrests / Oparcia w kokpicie incl standard
Sprayhood with windscreen 3650

Bow thruster 3900

Normally an extra 7700 for the 30hp engine, but it's included. Saildrive.

Electronic pack : 1480
220V system with battery charger, shore power connection, shore power cabel 10m, 220V socket in salon / Wyposażenie w instalację 220V z ładowaniem akumulatora, gniazdo CEE, wtyczka portowa 10m, gniazdo 220V w salonie

Fridge / Lodówka 990
VHF Ray50 Raymarine 568
Audio packet- Radio, CD, USB, 2 speakers 670
Chartplotter Raymarine E7 1870
Raymarine i70s Multifunctional- display, depth and speed sensor, wind sensor / Raymarine i70s instrument pomiarów głębokości, prędkości i wiatru 1850
Autopilot Raymarine 2500

Boiler 1780

I make these extras c £36k working on today's exchange rate.

I presume delivery and getting it on the water to be added. "Commissioning"- whatever that is. Perhaps AKA "unwrapping".

£111k for a (nearly) new 35ft yacht.

TBH, I thought it sounded good but I'm not THAT interested, unless an expert here can tell me why I should be. I imagine depreciation will be like a cliff edge. And who does one contact if a piece of it falls off when under guarantee?

But, as far as I can see, that's still a lot less than a new Jeanneau 349. Or am I missing something here? Like few people in their right m ind buy a new yacht; same as cars really. I see that Sea Ventures seem to be offering a Jeanneau 349 for c £126k, but don't know what that includes.


1 Feb 2015
Build quality is nothing like the main marques. We looked at the demo boat they had at SIBS a couple of years ago, and there were some horrendous quality control issues like lockers that didn't close properly, and panels that had no edge finishing.