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UK VAT due on a UK Registered and Moored yacht bought in France?

Mark Payne

New member
14 May 2011

I am trying to understand my VAT exposure here. I am sure I am not the only one.

My 11.5M yacht is moored at an MDL marina in The Hamble.
She was purchased second hand by me in 2015 . She was a French registered boat and VAT paid in France.

Her French registration was deleted and I re-registered her on the SSR that year (in 2015).
The boat was returned to the UK (MDL Hamble) in early 2016 which is where she is now based.

She was in France from end summer 2019 to July 2020 (Le Crouesty) when we returned her back to the UK from the Morbihan. I ran out of enthusiasm for progressing a European career for the boat in the light of Covid. I got her home in July 2020 and she has been at MDL Mercury in the Hamble since.

Now I understand that the there is no VAT UK risk to me if she was in the UK on 30/12/2020.. which of course she was.
I can see there is a form I need to fill out if she now leaves UK waters otherwise I am at risk of looking like I am importing her in on our return.

Do I have this right?