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TV and Film


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29 Jun 2005
Mid Devon
As there is no dedicated TV and Film section I thought I would post something here.
Das Boot.
I never saw it in the eighties so when it appeared on Now TV I made sure to watch it. Absolutely brilliant story and atmosphere. Then in about the fourth episode Kevin Mcnally appeared as a US Senator. Not as a young man but as he is now. So I thought this can't be right and Googled Das Boot, only to find it was a new series made last year by Sky based on the follow up book that I can't find the title of. Anyway, it is a totally new story set nine months after the first series. So if you saw it advertised and thought I've seen that years ago, then you might be pleasantly surprised. All gripping stuff throughout and extended to include land based action involving the resistance. Highly recommended.


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20 May 2020
I've forgotten about Black Mirror Series. Who hasn't watched the yet?


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12 Mar 2018
An interesting short film can be found on the BFI player for free, 'Shipshape' a 1947 film promoting the RNLI filmed using the Shoreham Lifeboat, directed by Cardiff born Paul Dickson.