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Thames Rally- danger of stalling!


31 Aug 2006
Hampshire, uk
Has anyone else noticed how quiet it's gone re: Thames Forum Rally. Now, it might not be my place to say anything, being the new boy, but Byron has been generous enough to provide the venue, so it must either be the date or the distance upriver. The date does clash with last w/e of SBS, RNLI Rally at Kingston and Bray Cruiser Club Bankside social, to name just three and I suspect for most forumites, it's a two day trip to Stoke. I guess we're too polite to say we can't make it for this or that reason. I, for one, shall attend by car as I dont have crew that w/e.

This is a great way to get to meet peeps interested in boats and the Thames in a beautiful location.

Now, we've got a forum, lets discuss!
12 Sep 2003
Perhaps its a bit short notice and maybe we need to plan it a bit further ahead?


Active member
1 May 2006
Me just been busy

however that weekend I am working

not making excuses as I would REALLY like to meet up with you chaps


New member
19 Sep 2005
Hampshire UK
Hi All

Byrons offer is extremely generous but seems like people are stuggling to make the date. It would be nice as well if as many as poss were able to turn up by boat. So I guess a few options are :-

Ask Byron if there is any chance of a later date that will enable some coming from further afield time to plan to arrive by boat/sort diaries.

If enough people can't make it before end of season do something off season unfortumately it then becomes a car rally as oppose to a boat rally.

Without at all wishing to appear ungrateful to Byron do something where the majority can cruise there in half a day or so and have an informal get together.

Any other ideas guys? It would be a ghreat shame if this just died out.


16 May 2001
UK -Berks
I can make the date any one you want, however any later date will mean Mein Fuhrer will be home so forget about Strippers, Hookers, Weed and other enjoyables.
If you guys prefer another date then its fine by me. I leave it to you to sort it out.


Active member
10 Oct 2001
Poole Dorset
made me laugh!

Hi B, it's been ages. can't make your "do" (as if i'd be invited back!) but wish you all the best and hope you have fun.

the Osborne, is coming along swimmingly, slightly underestimated the work required!... had to totally strip the superstructure off and start again. kept as much of the origional as i could, and i must say, she's looking very nice. thanks you for that initial reply to my post, seems long ago now.

i'm hoping to put into the Thames next year, just for a couple of weeks, so the oportunity to split a can of "special brew" may arise.

all the best, steve.