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Thames Conditions - Automatic Update Notifications

Rascal Joe

16 Jun 2013
Some time ago I created a series of IFTTT actions that, when signed up to, provided email alerts for condition changes in selected stretches of the Thames. Recently the owners of IFTTT have decided that developers (like me) must pay a monthly fee for the privilege of providing useful actions. I have decided not to join this new 'club' so the email alerts will no longer work.

I intend to add similar functionality directly into the River Thames Guide app and expect to roll that out before the end of the year (certainly in plenty of time for season 2021).

MEANWHILE - users of iOS and iPadOS devices can continue to use the various shortcuts I developed (one for each stretch of the Thames - see here for details); you can also see the current conditions in full within the app; OR you can point any browser here to see the current conditions (this uses the same engine as the app and, like the app, displays the conditions in river order, Lechlade to Teddington, unlike the EA site which displays the conditions in order of date updated).

For my own use I developed an iOS shortcut and associated Automation that checks twice daily for any update in the conditions of the Marsh to Hambleden stretch (Rascal Joe is moored at Henley). Unfortunately, Apple security does not permit the sharing of Automations so I am not publishing details. However, anyone comfortable with setting an iOS Automation (it is very simple) can DM me with the stretch off interest and I will send the shortcut and instructions for creating the Automation (the shortcut does not work without an Automation)