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Taylors 028 Paraffin Cooker, Tank, etc

Gary Fox

Well-known member
31 Oct 2020
266C6330-DB89-405A-BEA0-F83C37B09F19.jpegA12CD0F7-EDC6-46F5-A66F-D55DF8E17A5F.jpegTaylors 2 burner paraffin cooker, pressure tank, washable filter and cock. Well-used but shiny, could be made very shiny with a bit of Brasso.
Fitted with built-in gimbal brackets, easy to install. 18 3/4" 475mm wide. Everything you need except pipework and paraffin.
Also comes with 2 genuine pan clamps included, these need a polish. £295 plus post or collect Cowes.
I had to crop the pics to get them on here, pm me an email if you wish to see more.

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