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Tamarisk 24: any opinions?



I seem to remember BPO has a test report on this boat.

I have owned a Tamarisk 24 for three years now (my first and probably only boat).

At 24ft she seems to have better accommodation than many 29ft boats.

Lots of woodwork that needs some TLC (GRP hull), but I enjoy the varnishing works as much as the sailing. She has a 9hp Yanmar engine that drives her well and I have no complaints about her sailing attributes.

I gain a great deal of pleasure from the gaff rig with not a single winch on board. All halyards are at the mast on a pin rail - no problem. The boom is above my head in the deep cockpit (a nice safety issue). I have no guard rails which when I purchased her did worry me, but a suitable jackstay and harness use provides sensible security.

When the topsail is up she is a joy to behold.

I am based on the East Coast and she can tuck into inviting shallows as well as hold her own in the open sea. Berthing in the mud has been no problem, although I am currently luxuriating in the Ipswich Haven Marina. The bowsprit is always taken inboard at the marina - you soon get used to the routines and extra delights of the gaff rigged cutter configuration.

Yes you may have guessed I am prejudiced, I cannot imagine parting with her.

I suggest you try a test sail and then judge for yourself.

I will not be putting her afloat for a few more weeks yet, but you would be welcome to join me later in May.


I sailed one across the North Sea a few years ago. Lots of room etc. but the cockpit is so low that you have to stand to sail. Lots of varnish work down below, prefer sailing to working.

There is a story attached to my trip to Holland. I came back on the ferry and the customs pulled me over. I was suprised because of the many times that I have been abroad I have never been stoped. The customs officer asked me where I had been and what had I been doing? I told him that I had sailed to Amsterdam. Then he asked Had I seen Sail '98 or whatever it was, and were there many boats there? He was yachtsman that wanted to know about Sail '98. and was going over the following day - and no I was carrying anything that I should not have been


The family covets a small gaffer and a couple of Tamarisk 24s have cropped up in the brokerage ads. Anyone have any opinions/expertese on this class to pass on? Nothing to be found in the YBW boat reports index, so presumably the journalists didn't notice the class when it was around new. Thanks