Summary Information - rider list, date, time, guidelines for the ride & how to donate


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Summary Information - rider list, date, time, guidelines for the ride & how to donate

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Why we're doing it:

Just Giving Team Site:

Anything you can donate will be very much appreciated by those taking part and working hard to raise funds. Please donate to the team via your preferred team member's Just Giving page. The team aims to raise a grand total of £5000 between now and June 2015.

Follow this link for instructions on how to Join the Team: a fund raising page and associating it with Bike for Charity forum bike ride.pdf?dl=0

Follow this link to our team site on Strava where you can join to track your training and your ride on the day of the event:

Email address for the organisers: (or just PM us)

Please use this email address or PM Paul (Rafiki), Howard (Zippy) or myself if you have any questions that you're uncomfortable with posting online, especially if you're a little nervous about putting your name down as a rider or volunteer and wish to have a few questions answered first. Paul, Howard and I will all receive the email if you send it to the above address or you can send a PM to any or all of us if you prefer

Date for the ride is
Saturday 6th June 2015 - start time (staggered) 10am to 11am

Start Location: MDL Penton Hook Marina, Staines Lane, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 8PY

Finish Line: MDL Ocean Village Marina, 2 Channel Way, Southampton, SO14 3TG

The following riders are taking part

GROUP 1 - 10am Start

GROUP 2 - 10:30am Start

GROUP 3 - 11am Start

Grouping To Be Confirmed

  • Full Circle (Jim & Lynn)
  • Aardee (Graham)
  • Raven (Alan)
  • CPD (Alan)

Total Number of Riders 14

Support Volunteers

  • Superheat6k (Trevor) - Mechanic / Support vehicle
  • MDL: Support vehicle (minibus)
  • CharlieAlpha (Chris)
  • Sulley (Simone)
  • Sarabande (Tim)

Further details to follow
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