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SSANZ Round North Island Race 2017 with Sailonline - Start: 25 February 2017/0100utc


4 Jul 2012

Once every three years, sailors have the opportunity to pit their courage, their skill and their competitive natures in a race around New Zealand’s North Island. This is not an event for the faint-hearted –racing left-about the North Island, and contending with the swirl of the Southern Oceans mixing with the Pacific and the challenge of navigating the Cook Strait, where these waters are funnelled between North and South Islands. WX systems accompany these often turbulent waters, making Sailonline’s virtual event, using wind grib forecasts from NOAA downloaded four times a day and released into the game in 10 minute pieces, a truly realistic navigation challenge.

Sailonline is delighted to be racing the Virtual RNI for the third time in association with SSANZ and looks forward to sharing in the reports and tales of how the race pans out. The race will start from Auckland, at 0100utc on 25 February 2017 and Sailonline’s virtual event will be available for preview from 21 February and registration will open for pre-race practice on 22 February.

The real race has a formula by which race legs will open (after the initial one) which is explained here.

PLEASE NOTE: Sailonline will be competing as closely as is virtually possible with the real yachts but will at all times give a minimum of 24hrs notice of a start time. It is intended to close each leg promptly, in harmony with the real race, but there will be some allowance here. The aim is for the overlap between legs of the virtual race to not exceed 24hrs. As always, race ranking will be your position at race close for each leg.

Entry List