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So how was it for you?

Richard Shead

Slipped Anchor
14 Aug 2007
Time Inc.
On a serious note, with the show now over and a large number of forum members attending what are you honest views and opinions on the show and in particular the magazine stands.

I am really looking for feedback on things such as -

What our stands had to offer
What you expect from our stands / staff
What would you like to see for sale on the stands (boat reports etc)
Any other comment you would like to make.

I understand this question has no end of answers so if you could stick to answers that would really help me to understand exactly what you would like to see then that would be great.

Also how do you navigate the site, do you go to specific areas or do you just stroll, do you visit one area more than once in a day?

Do you find the previews helpful before the show, would a pdf down load map be of any use? (yes I know we did it this year!)

And yes I know the food is not up to much and the parking is rubbish but those are thing's out of my control.

So over to you!

Richard Shead
Marketing Manager
IPC Marine Media


Well-known member
21 Jun 2004
Anglesey Wales
First time at SIBS.
Enjoyed it.
Nice weather on "Preview Day"
Stand was OK but missed You and the Cake and Beer!
Nice lady gave Me a Comp leaflet (come Customer Survey) where's Me Prize by the way?
Mag for a quid was a good ruse and the 3 in 1!
A few Years ago at Earls Court I got suckered into a Subscription, with a free MBM holdall thinghy some pens and a silly hat!
Well I had spent some time at the Guiness stand.
The Subscription is still going as is the Handbag!
Don't know what happened to the silly hat!
Combine the Stand with some sort of Demo.
RNLI stuff maybe?
Used the Stand at LBS to contact sosmeone using the MBM puter back in Jan.
Scantily clad Females offering massages to the weary parts of the body after trudging around would be good.
Bet Subs would rise too!
Perhaps a Demo of how You put Your Mags together each Month might be interesting to some folks.
Ie a bit of an insight as to how the Publishing Media works.
Deadlines like putting the thing to bed.
SHOUT about the Forai a bit more too, that will drum up Biss.
A Vid showing the antics of the MBM, etc Cruise in Companies would grab attention.
This would also show how hard it is working on a Boat mag, like swanning about doing test runs, visiting exotic places, wining and dining with Big Advetisers and all the other hard work involved /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif
The Biros were good by the way.
K /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif