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SitRep 21

17 Jan 2012
West country



Two new arrivals to report – hurrah! Two to go……


Julien Pipat in Bula at 301030AMAY

Roger Fitzgerald in Ella Trout at 311005AMAY

Claude van Martyn in Oui Oui at 211220AMAY

Denis Gorman in Lizzie-G at 011300AJUN.

Doug Pingel in Jekeeda at 031130AJUN.

Glen Maxwell in Tao Zou at 042230AJUN

Basil Penakis in Jaba at 090825JUN

Olivier Delebecque in Godot

Dear Ewen, Arrived this morning (12 June) at Terceira! A beautiful harbour for a happy and a bit exhausted sailor. Olivier.

Enjoy the rest - and now you have Tim Luke as company. I do hope we shall see you again in a future Jester Challenge. Moons'ls! Ewen

BRAVO ZULU Olivier in the smallest vessel ever to take part in a Jester Challenger (I think - am not at home to check).

Tim Luke in Medusa

Dear Ewen, Greetings from The Azores. We enjoyed gentle northerlies and low mileage early in the trip and started beating late on 3rd June enjoying Sustained F 5 and 6. Nothing over 30kts but a good test for man and boat, took it all in her stride. Yesterday after 9 hours of fickle winds I took the sails down for the night. Early this morning we enjoyed good sailing but by mid morning were drifting again. Declared Endex at 1015A (13 June) 12 miles NW of Praia da Vitoria and am motoring in. Thanks again for facilitating such great adventures for us all. Many lessons learned and much more to learn before 2018. What news of other Challengers? I imagine they are all heading home by now? Please confirm receipt. Kind regards.Tim

Bravo Zulu Tim. You had a better run that the others thanks to your delayed start. You will have heard by now, I hope, of the others from Pedro in the marina. Enjoy the rest. Only two more left to clock in - Jester and Tisza. Moons'ls! and we look forward very much to seeing you again - 2018? Ewen

from those at sea - 1

Trevor Leek in Jester Sun 12 Jun 2016 1200: Jester currently hove to in atrocious conditions and had a ship pass 200 yds to her stern last night. Luckily both were aware of the other’s presence.

Jester position Mon 13 Jun 2016 12:38: Jester position today 44°2’N; 24°54’W. 334 miles to finish.

TODAY’s NIL REPORTS from those at sea - 1

Peter Orban in Tisza

- 2

Peter Crawley in Sheldro in Torquay.

Roy Tall in Spirit of Venus in Southampton

- 11

Bill Churchouse in Belgean: returned to Plymouth, reason not known

Ertan Beskardes in Lokum returned in good order to Falmouth.

Colin Reid in Tui returned in good order to Falmouth.

Guy Willing in Blue Grass returned in good order to Falmouth.

Tony Head in Triple Venture returned in good order to Plymouth.

Howard Chivers in Sandpiper returned in good order to Plymouth.

Duncan Sclare in Freebird: returned in good order to Baltimore.

Thom d’Arcy in Fathom returned in good order to Ria de Caedeira.

Jonathan Hopper in Francesca returned in good order to Plymouth.

Graham Humphreys in Tenacious returned in good order to ‘Blighty’.

Steve Hickey in Newlyn Maid returned in good order to Hayle.



Just a little update from Julien this morning at 120830A. 41°40N. 24°20W. Co 035° Running with the wind but awful weather. Does the sun still exist? He has headed almost north from Praia to get into the good westerly winds. Following the orthodromic route would have left him with very little and variable wind. There is a price to pay for speed!! Jester has more than one low to negotiate before arriving : fair and following winds to you Trevor. Best wishes to you all. By the way, I spoke on the telephone to most of the skippers at Praia before they left and it was really at that moment that I sorely missed their company. Andy Lane


Tony, There is no one else left here but me. They all left this morning. I have engine/electrical problems so I'll stay to sort things out before moving on to Punta Delgada. Basil