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Short-Term Differing Rules for Crews


Well-known member
9 Jan 2006
Looking at the various RYA racing guidelines, current Covid restrictions etc., it seems that there are different rules in play depending on if a crew comes from a single bubble or is a multi-household

This affects numbers allowed on board, physical proximity on board, mitigations required etc. and seems to put single bubble groups at an advantage.

Has the RYA said anything about how this is to be enforced or if there's any changes to handicapping to allow a fairer race? All I can find is a statement saying competitors should follow the rules and they're aware this may reduce a boats ability to compete.


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9 Mar 2003
s e wales
Enforce? In our club its entirely up to the skipper whether or not he complies with local covid rules. The club is only interested in whether the club as race organisers comply. The club havent a clue who is on each boat but then our racing isnt the hot shot south coast variety.