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Short bit on the Maunsel Forts this evening.


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18 May 2008
Limehouse hole
I don't do any of the TV stuff but did watch a short video by a French group who visited the forts.

It seems that one of them has been set up with solar panel and some lighting. I don't know if anyone stays on them for any length of time or indeed if you would be allowed to but it looks like they are being actively used which is good.

I'd like to take the boat down there one day if I can get off the all-too-pleasant non tidal thames !


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6 Nov 2001
There is a group workng to preserve and conserve them


Do know Alan, the skipper of the "X Pilot" and one of the chaps involved with the efforts to preserve whats left.
The X Pilot is frequently been used by film/TV and record companies to take folks out to the forts.
It provides a very stable platform for both people :) and cameras compared to the local fishing and charter boats.
Boat based at Queenborough.
You can hire the entire boat at sensible money or he does every now and then run trips with groups of individuals.
Have got rather unfortunate picture of me wearing shorts on top of the forts before all the ladders rotted away and you could gain access to the roof.
The fort has locked gate to prevent folks getting onto the structure these days.

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