Scotland to Cowes


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22 Jun 2022
Good day all, I need to move my Bavaria 42ft sail boat from the Clyde to the solent. Looking at the charts there are several options on routes to take. I will be in a bit of a hurry so well motor sail part of all of it. Ideally I have about 10 days to complete the passage. Preferebly no more that 36hours at sea in any one go. Also I will need to refuel if motorsailing once. I have been looking at Clyde to Peel (IOM) , Arklow ( Ireleand) Padstow ( Cornwall) Then around to Newlan. Once in the Channel I am in familiar waters. Other option is Bangor, Dublin, Arlow and around to Newland. Any suggestions. This trip will be Late August or early Sept this year. Also any volenteers with experience, (all reasonable travel expenses paid) Terry