Saturday afternoon arrival in Cherbourg


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12 Dec 2008
Saturday afternoon arrival (aka "late birds")

Am I the only one arriving on Saturday afternoon, and therefore missing the wine tasting, or is anyone else equally disorganised?

If the only (walk ashore) places left are on the East side of Q pontoon, then expect to find me (well, the boat really, not me) tied up outside of you when you get back from your tasting/shopping spree.

Anyone willing to put in a order of a case of cheap, but drinkable, red and take delivery on your boat and I'll pay you back in cash on collection? (I'm good for the money, honest, but obviously you'll also have the wine as security for my debt to you). ;)

Not sure what's on offer, but if this Bin 29 (red) that I've read others mention really is quaffable then at under €3 a bottle, that would be ideal.
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