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River cruise through Europe


New member
16 Mar 2016
Based on personal experiences, can anyone comment about the quality/service/cost/et al of Tauck vs. Viking river cruises in Europe?
Was thinking of taking on this one - https://www.riuscruises.com/river-cruise/ultimate-river-cruise-from-luxembourg-to-budapest-with-amawaterways-1254.html

Next year will be my 10th anniversary and I would like to take my wife on a European cruise. The only town I definitely want to visit is Rome, but was going to try to get some recommendations for other places that are must see. Everybody says that the nice thing about river cruising in Europe is that many of the great European cities were built on the rivers.

The boats often cruise at night while you're sleeping and when you awake in the morning, you're right in the heart of a new and exciting city. I want to experience that :). Any recommendation - welcome :)


New member
4 Aug 2016
When it comes to European river cruising, the options are plentiful and varied. Ships primarily traverse parts of Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, but you'll also find itineraries in Russia, the Ukraine, Portugal, Italy and Spain. No matter where you cruise, you'll find Europe's rivers traditional and picturesque, with sightseeing opportunities often included in the fare.


New member
3 Oct 2011
I want to sail back from the Med Houston below Barcelona to the Uk .I am considering the Rivers/ Cannels from the south of France (Sete ?) I would appreciate any advice on suit able passage for a sailing boat of 1.7m draft