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Reverse Brokerage.

Long-John Saliva

Active member
28 Dec 2016
The problem is that the "looking at boats phase" can be very time consuming, especially if travel is involved. Although we ( Yachts for sale at Yachtsnet - UK sailing yacht brokerage and boat sales ) will always show lots of good quality and dated photos, and will tell buyers anything bad we know about a boat when they call us, many other adverts (particularly private ads) are deeply misleading: old photos, pictures avoiding the droopy headlinings etc., and not mentioning the seized engine. Often you don't find out the real condition till you've travelled to view.

Long ago I drove a long way and stayed overnight before going to view a wooden yacht, that a Lymington-based broker had described as just needing a little TLC. He didn't actually accompany me, but gave me the keys and told me where the boat was. There was a pool of greenish water in the bilges and actual mushrooms growing in places inside. One deck all the cracks and splits had grass growing out. Fortunately for him he was out of the office when I went to return the keys.

That was an extreme case, but the last time I bought a boat myself I drove about 2,000 miles in total, and that was looking for a good example of one of three specific make/models of 34-36 ft AWB. If Yachtsnet had to charge someone to do that it would be rather expensive.
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