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Been gone 9 months and just hit the 'Favourites' to have a looksee if the same boring people are repeating the same boring subjects. (usually 'Solent'). Nice to see new site, new people and new discussions. Might come back again. Big improvement, when did this happen?


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31 May 2001
'ang on a mo, I'll just take some bearings
Re: While you were asleep!! (m)

The board was invaded by a bunch or one or more cyber hooligans, who twisted beards and peed in the soup. Generally rude and unintelligble (if not actually unintelligent) they got several people's knickers in a twist, attacked the female contributors (draw your own freudian conclusions), imitated respected (!) contributors and created a degree of havoc which we recklessly snowballed by trying to reason with them (or threaten them).

In the end the invisible hand of IPC slapped us all on the wrists, closed down our bb and used the interregnum to redesign and impose registration. In the meantime, some of the more valued contributors seem to have taken their bats and balls elsewhere.

It was all very tedious at the time and I wish I'd been off sailing as well.

Any way, welcome back.