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registering a boat in Ireland


16 May 2001
I am basically English but was born in N.Ireland so have Irish as well as British nationality and passport. Post Brexit I was wondering whether registering my boat in Ireland might be possible and convenient, given I'm planning to base the boat in France in the next few years. Anyone here done it or knows anyone who has?
Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Spirit (of Glenans)

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28 Mar 2017
Me; Nth County Dublin, Boat;Malahide
The Republic of Ireland does not have an equivalent of the SSR. There is is only the actual Register of Shipping which mainly applies to commercial craft and is an expensive process to apply for. Before January 2021 Irish yachtsmen "going foreign" generally obtained a UK address, by fair means or foul, and registered their boats on the UK SSR, conveniently forgetting to fly the Red Ensign when sailing.


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10 Nov 2007
You can go anywhere you like with British registration, either SSR or Part 1. If you want to keep your boat in France over and above the 18 months allowed for temporary importation you will have to import it and pay VAT in France. They may well also want to ensure it complies with the RCD, although it is too early (post Brexit) to know how this will work. You can still keep British registration, although the status of the SSR may change as strictly speaking it is only for UK residents for visiting outside the UK. The current rules for sailing a boat to and from the UK are here

As your plans are a few years ahead suggest you wait until it is known how the new rules will operate, including Schengen rules for you before making any decisions.