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Raspberry Pi - ers, turbo?


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7 Apr 2007
I can always rely on YBW forum now with Google search.

Everytime I have a boating problem or interest i just type YBW into the search:

Raspberry Pi ybw - and here I am :)

So my projects are:

Camera for engine bay and temperature sensor. Send info over (ip address) wifi router to tablet....?
External camera system to send images of the yacht when away over a mobile network
Humm what else,

Oh play movies through the television via a HDD.

Thats about it.

Ps i didnt buy the power adaptor, would like to wire it through the 12v/24volt system from my readings 5volt .7A
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6 Apr 2011
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An NMEA multiplexer, to merge serial NMEA into one data stream?
Sorry to thrash a dead thread but if someone is going to ask a question about turning a raspberry pi into an nmea multiplexer I don't think I can be criticised too much for plugging some free software that'll do that. Inputs and outputs over serial, network, ptys, FIFOs or files. Does filtering and failover. IPv4 or IPv6.
(any more on this might be better in a different thread)