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Portishead to Poole

Basil B

New member
14 May 2020
Hi guys
Thank you ever so much everyone’s help and comments , truly helped to get my head around. I always know it’s a tricky journey however I never expected to be so difficult. I’m really considering all options at the moment , I’m really thinking about coming back through land . I will keep you updated as it’s only fair. thanks again guys


New member
30 Apr 2018
Why on earth did you buy a boat in portishead when all the bargains are on the south coast?!
I would say the hardest part is ilfracombe down the cornish coast - a nasty stretch without many safe havens.
Interesting my friend was planning a trip to the scilly isles in his 26ft yacth but we've all agreed it's never going to happen!
Book a trailer or find a way to dispose of the boat unless you have plenty of time on your hands!
You really need the right tides, weather, and wind direction for that trip in a slow boat with a small engine.