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Black Sheep

Well-known member
13 Nov 2005
OK - who's seen the Thames porpoise?

I've seen it a few times in the last couple of weeks, usually on the Blythe sands on an ebbing tide, but on Friday it (or they? could have been two) was up by Alpha Jetty in Lower Hope on a rising tide.

A magical sight.

And is it a porpoise or a dolphin? anyone know how to tell the difference? But I heard Dart 9 report it as a porpoise, so that's what it is for me.


New member
25 Aug 2006
Saw one on Saturday. We were leaving the Medway to go round the Isle of Sheppey. It jumped out of the water just in front of the bow. I also thought it was a Porpoise as I didn't think Dolphins were a British species.