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Paguro 3000 3KVA 240V water-cooled generator - 1984 vintage- £400


7 May 2007
Hampshire, UK
For Sale: Paguro 3000 3KVA 240V marine water-cooled generator - 1984 vintage.

This generator has given good service in my boat but now is time to replace with a more powerful unit (another Paguro) to run the water maker and aircon. You can see a video of the genny in place, being started, running and generating here: https://youtu.be/rInhxWXFwrs

Here is a link to photos and documentation for the genny: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BzhTI5CfDCkeMFQzTUt5N2k1cFU&usp=sharing

It is an old unit and shows it's age. It has a Hatz HE673 single cylinder diesel engine. This is raw water cooled and the cooling water also cools the alternator and the air intake. In 2011 I had the engine stripped down and replaced what I could (parts are hard to come by but some are available) including the gaskets and exhaust elbow. The injector was serviced and primary fuel lift pump replaced with a much more reliable electric one. The alternator was rewound and the control circuits overhauled. The only part I couldn't source was a thermostat (located in the exhaust manifold) but it's omission only results in the engine running cooler than it should which isn't a problem. It is in an acoustic box which works well.

It has a remote control unit to start and stop and display the power output, and this is included. It is in an acoustic box which works well. There is an intermittent fault in the control unit display which means that sometimes under light load, the display lights go out, but the genny is still working perfectly and powering any connected equipment. The wiring between the control panel and the genny was cut during the de-install and will have to be reconencted.

It always started on the button and runs faultlessly. I ran a microwave, battery charger, and water heater all together quite happily. However it is an old unit, in well used condition and parts are hard to find. But if you are looking for a cost effective small genny for occasional use, this would be ideal. I have bought another Paguro as they are well engineered and easy to maintain as relatively simple - this has been a great set and very trouble free.

At the moment the unit is removed and in storage at Port Solent, Portsmouth. I will NOT be able to arrange carriage, postage or delivery - buyer collects. It weighs around 85kg so happy to lift it into a van with you or I can ask for a forklift.

It is sold as seen for parts etc and I can't offer a warranty on it.

It is not on eBay or anywhere else - exclusive to YBW forumites for a week unless it doesn't sell... I am away over the bank holiday so not available for collection I am afraid - it would have to be from Tuesday 1st September onwards. Happy to take any questions here or by PM.



New member
8 Apr 2021
Hello @Puggy !

I just watched with joy your YouTube video.

Last year I bought a ´91 Fairline Targa, including a PAGURO 3000 Generator.
Unfortunately, the late previous owner removed the Paguro, and did some service, but didn't put it fully together again.

So that´s why I´m in search for photos, manuals, videos, whatever would help me to put it together and running again.

One question:
I tried to access the Google Drive link, but system told me your folder is already in your trash bin.
Would it possible to restore it temporarily, so I can download the content?

Thank you,
Best regards,


Well-known member
29 Nov 2002
Boat - West Scotland, Home - Tamar, Devon
Hi Peter,

Be aware that the thread that you responded to is dated August 2015 - nearly six years ago, so there may not be a response from the posters. However, I have found these people:

Marine Generators — Advance Yacht Systems Marine Equipment

to be very helpful and also they have documentation (for older now obsolete models) available for download on their website.